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7 tips for nomads on a budget trips

Be flexible, take advantage of deals. There are times when a particular destination or site is either cheaper or more expensive. Find that information and take advantage of it. Saving Up and Cutting Cost on Trips If you know how much things cost, where to find deals and what to expect, you’ll be able to […]

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Where should you travel in october

Tutti Italia is on holiday all month long in August. You might think that would make Rome relatively quiet, with every Roman gone to the beach, but it’s not; it’s unbearably busy and unbearably hot. July, too, is unbearably busy and hot; so is much of June. May and September used to be quieter, but […]

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40 free things to do in New York City

One of Lower Manhattan’s most fascinating, and controversial, stories of recent years circulates around the new African Burial Ground National Monument site. It began when a construction project in 1991 uncovered a burial ground of slaves – more than 400 caskets were found – from an age when New York had more slaves than any […]

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